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Assessing your level of knowledge

Assessing your level of English before and after the Course is essential. All in-company courses include a Preliminary Test, a brief Interview to evaluate the participant’s oral skills and a Needs Analysis which will be utilized for customization of the course Programme Contents to adapt them to his/her unique learning objectives.

Half-way through the course each participant’s communication skills in English will be tested and will be asked to provide feedback on their general level of satisfaction with respect to the Learning Experience, any desired adjustments and/or special requirements. We consider this an important moment of self-assessment instrumental to the success of the Service we offer to our Clients.

Knowledge levels are measured through the CEFR Common European Framework of Reference for language learning (download PDF), or further information watch this video:

With specific reference to General English please note it takes approximately 60 to 90 coursework hours and as many hours of individual study to upgrade to the next level.

Please click on the following link for a preliminary self-assessment test (10 mins duration) (

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