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English Language Tuition Seminars

e3comms English Language Tuition Seminars are suitable for Clients wishing to concentrate in a full or half-day (6 or 4 hours seminar format) the analysis, presentation and practice of specific English language communication skills within set business-related contexts (leading a negotiation, making a presentation of a product or service, preparing for a job interview).

The seminar tuition formula is based on the so-called concept of “Vocational Training”, and it aims at allowing You to make significant rapid progress in your English Language oral skills for a target purpose pertinent to your professional sphere. The learning focus of participants will revolve around practice through role-play and case-study analysis simulating business scenarios such as:

Presentation Skills in English: how to structure and act out a presentation in English, elements of public-speaking, drilling tasks focusing on intonation, voice projection, register, structure and contents analysis (introduction of factual vs numerical data), body language. Observation and consolidation through guided practice.

Job Interview Skills in English: individual coaching through preparation and simulation of a job interview. Analysis of your personal academic and professional history, presentation and discussion of your weakness and strengths. Observation and consolidation through guided practice.

Meetings in English: review and in-depth study of forms and functional language areas relating to the effective expression of opinions and views. Focus on listening comprehension and adaptation of register and vocabulary to single topics and subject matters. Sensitivity and other relevant issues in connection with cross-cultural communication barriers. Observation and consolidation through guided practice.

Networking in English: this seminar will equip you with the English language tools you’ll need to expand your professional network by leveraging on general as well as specific context language areas: your job role and objectives, personal interests and current events. Seminar contents will include some elements of NLP, acquisition and use of vocabulary elements and lexis used to consolidate the individual’s unique communication skills through tasks aimed specifically at adapting them to English language usage and international relationship-building and communication management

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