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Course formats

One-to-One Tuition: one-to-one courses will respond to the student’s specific requirements and learning needs with a focus on oral skills practice, pronunciation and register adjustment. The duration and course level will be agreed upon based on a thorough needs’ analysis. We can distinguish among a sampling lesson format, weekly, semi-intensive or full-immersion. One-to-one tuition is particularly suited to learners who need to make rapid progress within a specific limited time-frame.

Full-Immersion one-to-one: The intensive full Immersion formula consists in 25 hours of one-to-one tuition in a single week.  In accordance with the Client’s requirements and preference the course duration may be extended.  The student will enjoy 5 hours intensive language training including two self-study sessions.  If desired, this formula may include lunch with the tutor.  The intensive programme is particularly effective for people who have a need for intensive practice in view of an imminent exam, business trip or secondment to an English-speaking country.

Semi-intensive one-to-one: The semi-intensive formula includes 15 hours one-to-one tuition in a single week.  In accordance with the Client’s requirements and preferences the course duration may be extended.

As for the full-immersion formula, the semi-intensive programme is an effective tool for professionals and individuals who need to achieve a short-term objective and wish to concentrate their language learning efforts on improving fluency  in expressing concepts and ideas whilst boosting their self-confidence using English orally.

Group Course: groups of 3 to 6 participants (up to a maximum of 12) often prove an effective solution particularly for General and Business English courses aimed at improving fluency, lexis and vocabulary development, self-confidence in oral English skills practice and reading and information/contents processing skills.

Learners will be assessed at the beginning of the course and the course programme will be reviewed regularly throughout. Interaction among participants is functional to the learning objectives.

Group courses are ideal to help students improve their general communication skills in English, become more confident when using English in their functional area of competence, expand their lexis and sector-specific vocabulary as well as understanding grammar and language functions.

Didactic tools and materials

All courses include the use of effective didactic material such as audio, video and multimedia. Where necessary, flexible training schedules can be implemented through the use of video-conferencing technology. Please check out our English Language Seminar Programmes section.

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