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English tuition courses for Companies

e3comms English tuition courses for Companies are based on high-quality, fully customized language tuition programmes. These will be designed taking into account the Client’s specific language learning needs and objectives, leveraging on tailor made language context drawing from themes that the Client wishes to explore. All contents of our Service Proposal will be accurately reviewed and adapted in order to take into account each participant’s communication needs and current level of knowledge: the return on the investment made will be measured in terms of skills upgrading, talent retention and enhanced efficiency and motivation of your employees.

e3comms English Course Programmes target Companies and Professionals interested in gaining the practical tools and skills they need to communicate effectively in English.

All courses aim at stimulating learners’ interaction and active participation, leveraging on up-to-date contents and resources delivered through a practical approach. Learners will develop their English writing and oral skills, enhancing their professional image as well as that of the company they represent. Individual’s learning needs are taken into account to develop appropriate didactic materials and a “made to measure” programme that guarantees significant measurable progress.

When comparing e3comms with other franchising English language schools offering standard programmes with fewer or no options for the Client to choose from and following a rigid methodology, continuous progress monitoring, course contents modelling, and a competitive price vs. quality ratio are the distinctive characteristics of our courses.

e3comms English Language Tuition Portfolio” includes the following courses taught exclusively in English:

  • General English
  • Negotiation & Communication Skills in English
  • Business English* (preparazione alla Certificazione BEC/BULATS)
  • English for Finance and Accounting (preparazione Certificazione ICFE)
  • English for ICT
  • Legal English (preparazione Certificazione ILEC)

All in-company tuition programmes will be held at the Client’s premises, either as ‘group course’ or ‘one-to-one course’.

Modular group courses:

Nr. partecipanti
Nr. Ore
Durata lezione
min. 2 max 12 General English 15 once or twice weekly 1.5 h o 1 h
30 once or twice weekly 1.5 h o 1 h
60 once or twice weekly 1.5 h o 1 h
min. 2 max 12 Business English* 15 once or twice weekly 1.5 h o 1 h
30 once or twice weekly 1.5 h o 1 h
60 once or twice weekly 1.5 h o 1 h
min. 2 max 12 English for ICT 20 twice weekly 1.5 h
30 once weekly 1 h
min. 2 max 12 Business English
BEC/BULATS Certificate
20 twice weekly 1.5 h
30 once weekly 1 h
min. 2 max 12 Legal English
Cambridge ILEC Certificate (International Legal English)
20 twice weekly 1.5 h
30 once weekly 1 h

*All Business English course programmes can be adapted to the following functional areas: Business English for Sales&Marketing Professionals, English for General Management, English for Human Resources, English for Accounting&Finance, English for Public Relations, English for Tourism Management.

For one-to-one tuition projects for Senior Managers and Professionals who feel they need to concentrate on specific functional language areas (oral/writing/comprehension skills), preparing for a professional certification or wish to make rapid progress subject to tighter time constraints we can design learning-objective based packs including set number of hours.

For further information or to request a quotation, please fill in the request form or send an email to

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