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Business English

Through a unique consulting approach e3comms will offer you a ‘tailor-made’ English Language Tuition Project leveraging on customized didactic material aligning course programme objectives with your Company’s profile, activities and strategy. Please look at the following attachment that summarizes key concepts with respect to e3comms “Business Critical Language Training” proposal.


All classes will use up-to-date material based on current news topics relevant to your Business sector and to “Modern Business Management Practices”, taking into account managers’ and employees’ needs to be able to communicate effectively with their peers, developing fluency and allowing them to focus on “what they are saying” rather than on how to “reword information and concepts in English”.

All Business English courses aim at delivering concrete measurable results in terms of fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and technical lexis enrichment. The course will prove an excellent training opportunity for your collaborators but more than that, it will have a beneficial psychological effect as a self-motivation enhancing and a much valued personal development tool.


The underlying method utilized is based on “learn­ing by doing”. e3comms will encourage participants to take an active part in the learning experience, adopting a “learner-centred” approach based on facilitating the learning process through elicitation, interaction and encouragement.

All classes will include error correction and language upgrading sessions, led grammar and functional language analysis, consolidation, review and development of general and specific vocabulary areas, pronunciation practice. All tasks will be set within real-case scenarios and will make use of case studies, role play and learner-level suitable and challenging didactic material.


All e3comms Business English programmes will allow participants to develop and improve the following skills & competencies:

  • Communicating effectively in English with colleagues and customers
  • Talking confidently in English over the telephone, participating effectively to web conferences, meetings and presentation sessions
  • English Grammar areas through Function and Form
  • Case study Analysis
  • Managing effectively documents and correspondence in English

For a sample Business English course programme please refer to the following documents:

» Business English – Course Syllabus (download pdf)

» English for Finance – Course Syllabus (download pdf)

» English for ICT – Course Syllabus (download pdf)

» Legal English Cambridge ILEC Preparation Syllabus (scarica il PDF).

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