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Communicating effectively in English today is key to Your success. As a preliminary step, e3comms aims at gaining a deep understanding of the specific language tuition requirements of individuals and companies alike to help them project themselves into the future by equipping them with sound English language communication skills they will be able to use successfully in their personal and professional spheres.

e3 stands for “Empowering through English Language Education”.

Empowering means enabling, “making possible”. A solid foundation along with the ability and confidence to communicate effectively using English will give you access to a wide range of possibilities encompassing all areas of life: social and networking, education, professional, personal and business development opportunities ….

Small and medium-sized companies in Italy today need to start working on “Internationalisation Programmes” to allow them to compete in the new global scenario, preserving and successfully presenting their unique identity and values together with their excellent products and services to the new easily accessible, fast-growing international markets.

Italian SMEs export, import, invest, supply to and buy from companies located all over the world. Their competitors operate on a global scale and they need to learn how to deal across cultures with international partners and suppliers in order to survive and most importantly, GROW. The ability of small and medium-sized Italian organisations to operate successfully on an international scale is positively correlated to their degree of internationalisation.

In this context, English becomes a key tool allowing entrepreneurs and professionals to adapt the traditional Italian managerial culture and cope with the demands and changes brought about by the irreversible globalization process.  In a market deeply affected by high-speed Communication Technologies, a “made to measure” English Language Course will prove an invaluable investment to help your employees become more motivated and feel confident enough to cope with the demands of the International Prospects You wish to make contact with and turn into long-term Customers. This will quickly translate into an improvement in the efficiency, performance and profitability of Your Business.


English Language Tuition
for Individuals

Private one-to-one English tuition service. Specifically tailored to individuals, professionals or managers interested in making rapid progress in one or more specific functional language areas or in gaining a Cambridge professional qualification.

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English Language Tuition
for Companies

e3comms Corporate English Language Tuition Programmes are based on customized contents in line with your Company’s activities and goals.

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English Language Tuition
for Schools

English Language Tuition Service and Course Programmes for students in collaboration with schools and universities.

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Expert in English Language Tuition and Language Consulting Services with relevant academic qualifications and a solid corporate professional background

The competence and commitment of your language tutor is a key factor in determining the success of any teaching project. I have been building up and practicing my English language communication skills for over 15 years, working in Italy and abroad for blue-chip multinational organisations operating in the Financial and ICT (Information &Communication Technology) sectors in a variety of roles: today, through e3comms high-quality, fully-customized English Language Course Programmes, my know-how and academic background are at Your service…

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Professional & Efficient Translation Services: e3comms is the English Language Partner you need

We supply translations into or from English and Italian covering a vast range of fields including technical, financial, legal and commercial.

Some of our most recent projects have included employment contracts, legal correspondence, technical manuals, legal documents, marketing materials and website translations.

Our aim is to provide the quickest turnaround time possible at the most competitive rate.

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Assessing your level of English before and after the Course is essential. All in-company courses include a Preliminary Test, a brief Interview to evaluate the participant’s oral skills and a Needs Analysis which will be utilized for customization of the course Programme Contents to adapt them to his/her unique learning objectives.

Half-way through the course each participant’s communication skills in English will be tested and will be asked to provide feedback on their general level of satisfaction with respect to the Learning Experience, any desired adjustments and/or special requirements. We consider this an important moment of self-assessment instrumental to the success of the Service we offer to our Clients.

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Online useful resources to study and practice english.

Why 2 million people all over the world are studying English

Good teachers are good gardeners: how great teaching enables life-long-learning and development

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